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February 24, 2017 - Friday   
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Neurology Updates for Primary Care
Dates:    February 20, 2017 to February 24, 2017
  Sarasota, Florida, United States
Tara Esteves

American Medical Seminars, Inc. presents 21-25 live Primary Care Medical Seminars in Sarasota, Florida each year. Our CME courses are Commercial Free and are approved for 20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits" as well as AAFP Prescribed Credits, ACEP Category 1 Credits, ACOG Cognates and AAP Credits for our Pediatric courses. CME Courses, to include topics, objectives and certification can be found at This CME Activity is designed for Primary Care Practitioners, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Practice, and even Specialists who would like practical and clinically relevant reviews and updates in Primary Care Medicine. Registration Fees: Physician Fees: $849.00 Early Registration (30 days prior to start date), $899.00 Regular Registration Non Physician/Resident* Fees: $749.00 Early Registration (30 days prior to start date), $799.00 Regular Registration. Daily Outline: Day 1- The Neurological Examination; Multiple Sclerosis; Stroke, Part I  An Evidence-Based Review of Risk Factors and Prevention; Stroke, Part II  TIA and Acute Stroke Day 2- Seizures and Epilepsy  Diagnosis; Seizures and Epilepsy  Management; An Approach to the Dizzy Patient; Syncope and Autonomic Dysfunction Day 3- Sleep Disorders  Insomnia and Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Sleep Disorders  Restless Legs Syndrome, Narcolepsy and Others; Migraine and Chronic Daily Headache; Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain Management Day 4- Dementia; Parkinsons Disease and Essential Tremor; Neurologic Emergencies; Libby Zions Lesson: Serotonin Syndrome and P450 Drug Interactions Day 5- Cobalamin (B-12) Deficiency and Other Neurologic Disorders of Gastrointestinal Function; Concussion and Sports: A Guide for Primary Care; Spasticity, Ataxia, and Gait Disorders; Psychogenic Neurologic Disorders

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